Seniors trip to Marienbad: a seniors captain's report

Report from our seniors captain Karl Sassenscheidt

Dear friends of seniors golf at Margarethenhof,

At around 11.30pm yesterday evening our great golf excursion to Margarethenhof came to an end!!

The start of our journey began bright and early – departure at 7am – on Thursday. Everyone was on time, allowing our bus driver Stefan to depart to the very minute.

Soon we enjoyed the first coffee as well as buttered pretzels donated by Werner Dürr and Karin's "Schwäbischer Kranz". The bus journey was consequently very entertaining and after a pause halfway through we reached our beautiful hotel around noon, directly next to the Marienbad golf course (Marianske Lazne). There we met some people who'd made the journey alone, increasing our group to 35 people. As a result we had the hotel almost to ourselves, excepting a few other guests. There was sufficient time to check in and prepare ourselves for our 9-hole warm-up round.

The weather, 22-24 degrees, was perfect for golfing. Both of the days were also full of sunshine and on Friday it was perhaps 1-2 degrees warmer.

The golf course in Marienbad was ceremonially opened by the English king Edward VII in 1905 and is the only central European club that is permitted to call itself a "Royal Golf Club".

The athletic high point (in my view) was the game on the 18-hole course at Kynzvart (Königswart) the next day. However, the adventure actually began before the tournament got underway. Due to a rail bridge that was too low - it was a matter of maybe 5 cm - we had to retrace our bus journey backwards on a narrow road for about 300 metres. Stefan, our bus driver, had already proven his driving skills at Margarethenhof, but now he revealed his "masterpiece" and got us to the Kynzvart golf course on time.

The golf course is located in the beautiful, historic Schlosspark built in an English style, founded by Chancellor Metternich. This course was a real athletic challenge and an absolute feast for the eyes. The ancient stock of trees and the generously arranged holes ensure a spectacular playing and nature experience.

The farewell on Saturday, after checking out of the hotel, was the 18-hole tournament, again on the "Royal Golf Course". Among some players a lack of concentration set in, but others delivered top performances. The reason can only have been the course taken by the previous evening.

Hubertus Goder had prepared a small award ceremony for each tournament and thanks to our sponsors, he was able to present valuable balls to the winners.

Women's gross class: Heidi Ringer with 26 points

Men's gross class: Erdal Erkan with 54 points

Net Class A:

1. Peter Bisegger: 77 points

2. Karl Sassenscheidt: 73 points

3. Ursula Albrecht: 67 points

Net Class B:

1. Klaus Neumann: 75 points

2. Hajo Fritz: 73 points

3. Werner Dürr: 70 points

Net Class C:

1. Karl-H. Konrad: 83 points

2. Birgit Bisegger: 77 points

3. Heide Fritz: 73 points

(in a play-off against Annem. Gliewe 73 points)

In addition to the listed overall winners, there were of course other winners (some of them several times) in the daily rankings in ranks 1-3:


Gisela Goder: 1. Class B, 16 points

Emmy Liebl: 1. Class A, 16 points


Annem. Gliewe: 1. Class C, 30 points

Bernd Jäger: 2. Class C, 28 points

Ilse Bach, 3. Class B, 28 points

Peter Bach: 2. Class A, 34 points

Edmund Küpper: 3. Class A, 28 points


Doris Mosemann: 2. Class C, 35 points

Traudl Konrad: 3. Class C, 33 points

Karin Sassenscheidt: 1. Class B, 34 points

Not listed here are of course the young "professionals", who had to play "out of competition" (you can't have everything: young, attractive, sporty...and beat the seniors?? No!!!)!

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate all the winners and thank all participants of this trip. We were a cheerful, athletic and, in spite of this, disciplined group. This is how Stefan, our bus driver, put it in his words of thanks – and I cannot express it any better.

A big thank you is also due to our sponsors: Serhat Kurnaz, Florian Muthmann and Erik Schotte, who made a great awards ceremony possible with their generous gifts. Erdal Erkan had designed a hand-painted ball for everyone and did not forget to make Franzi and Ingrid happy as well. On behalf of all participants, I thanked them with a large bottle of Becherovka and asked that they remain with us!!

But I would like to express my biggest thank you to my friend Hubertus Goder. Without him I would never have been in the position to organise this fantastic trip. I think everyone saw and felt how much work and responsibility is bound up in a task like this.