Luftaufnahme des Hotels und des umliegenden Golfplatzes am Tegernsee

Our Location

Relax in one of the most beautiful natural regions in Europe.

Nestled in the mountains, 950 metres above Lake Tegernsee and just 50 kilometres south of Munich, our golf and wellness resort is situated in one of the most beautiful natural regions in Europe.

Experience the uniqueness and energy of this special place: with the opening of Lanserhof Tegernsee we have extended our golf course and adjoining hotel and turned it into a health resort that is unique in Europe. The beautiful surroundings in one of Germany's most popular holiday regions contribute to a feeling of contentment and relaxation. The area around our 18-hole golf course invites you to explore the diverse nature. The famous holiday region Tegernseer Valley offers many attractions for an entirely successful stay.

Luftaufnahme Margarethenhof

Aerial view of the resort

Heavenly Lake Tegernsee

Lake Tegernsee is one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria. 6.5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide, it reaches 74 metres at its deepest point. During the Würm glacial period, about 18,000 years ago, the Tegernsee glacier reached far north into the plain. Through its erosive forces, the glacier created a basin which later filled with water. The elongated shape of Lake Tegernsee still points to its glacial origins today.

All five parishes in the Tegernsee holiday region have access to the lake. At Gmund the lake runs off and forms the river Mangfall. In the southern part of Lake Tegernsee there are two larger bays and an island.

The Egerner Bay, also known as the Lake Egerner or Malerwinkel ("Painter's Corner"), is formed by the peninsula Point that separates this part of the lake in the south-east at a width of about 170 metres. The river Rottach flows into this part of the lake, which covers about 40 hectares.

The Ringsee Bay is found in the south-western area of Lake Tegernsee, close to the district of Rinsee in the parish of Kreuth. The name Ringsee comes from the German 'gering', meaning small, and makes the juxtaposition with large Lake Tegernsee clear. The bay of about 14 hectares lies directly in the mouth of the river Weißach. Small Ringsee Island lies in front of the Ringsee. It is uninhabited, just 1,940 m², and overgrown with grass and thick undergrowth. It is a protected natural area.

Traditions and culture

Traditional customs play a big role around Lake Tegernsee and are lived daily. Dirndls and Lederhosen are not costumes, but everyday and festive clothing. Genuine folk music and traditional handicrafts such as Dirndl dressmaking or hat-making are found on Lake Tegernsee.

Tradition and Bavarian cosiness can be experienced at the numerous forest, lake, light, or folk festivals, at cultural evenings or at traditional costume events.  Music, beer, and Brotzeit are always a must at these occasions.

Church and rural customs meet, for example, on Rosstag (Horse Day) with the blessing of the festively decorated horse-drawn carriages (Sunday, 26 August 2018) or during the Leonhardifahrt in Kreuth in honour of the patron saint of horses (every year on 6 November).