Margarethenhof im Winter

Winter training

These are tough weeks that golfers are currently experiencing. We want to be torturing that little white ball again, but it is just so unpleasant out there still. Sometimes the wind is howling, sometime it rains or snows. There are many explanations for why we golfers often like to take it easy between November and March. Let's be honest: all excuses – after all, there are some ways to keep your game from getting completely rusty over the winter months and to polish your technique.

Indulge in a few lessons with the pro of your choice, work out your deficiencies, formulate goals for yourself and the new season in coordination with the pro. You can try out the devised exercises in peace on the course. Indoors it's best to do so with the support of a TrackMan golf simulator. Or complete 18 holes on the driving range. Won't work? Of course it will. Play the course in your mind's eye. Open the long par 5 with the drive, keep the transport shot safely on the course, a 9 iron or a pitching wedge as close as possible towards the flag. That went wrong, as so often in the last season? Then just a short chip to the stick. Practice makes perfect, and the champions of the summer are famously decided in the winter.

Defying the climatic conditions and continuing to develop anyway, that also works at home or in the office. An approach that will definitely bring you on can be easily achieved with a putting mat. Good putts save us, bad putts ruin the score. It is about distance control, identifying breaks and giving the ball a straight start. A nice change and a good exercise.

Many players complain about a lost touch after winter – the feeling of ease with which a wedge encourages the ball. The swing is rusty, the brain must first reconnect the necessary synapses. Help them do so. Grab a few table tennis balls or air golf balls and aim at a target from the carpet. That way nothing gets broken, you don't lose your touch, and the winter months are quite passably bridged. You will remember this with pleasure on your first rounds in the spring.

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