Tips for winter training from Oliver Weigt

We golfers are familiar with the problem between December and the first warm rays of sunshine well enough. The desire to let the balls fly has long returned, but the very thought of it makes almost every muscle in the body pipe up. We are looking forward to spring – but when you're standing at the first tee, you feel extremely rusty.

This isn't a pleasant feeling, but it can be corrected with relative ease. With a few techniques and tricks, your golf swing can stay smooth over the winter months, with no signs of rustiness.

It may storm and snow outside – it doesn't matter. You can also golf in your living room. We can easily work on the swing path using a putter: clean, straight contact between two sticks, for example, can help with this. Or the task of hitting two balls simultaneously side by side on the hitting surface. And chipping? No problem either: try to chip a coin from the carpet into a glass. This only works when the ground contact is perfect.

My trick with a swing adjustment initially targets the feeling. Position yourself in front of a mirror, take the position, and swing very loosely. You don't even need a club for this.

One aspect that should not be underestimated before the new season gets started is fitness. Those of us who have spent the last few weeks sitting down a great deal and moving little suffer from a shortened muscles. Everything needs to be stretched: gentle stretching and moderate strength training can help here. You will be surprised how far the balls fly in the new season.

It is always exciting to deal with the mental aspects of the game of golf. Numerous books have been published on this subject. It is worth spending time on this topic. In relation to new strategies on the course, this may be a good guide.
Now nothing stands in the way of the new season, your handicap can go down, and you can start enjoying the game more again!

Oliver Weigt

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