Licences, clubs, and theory

Do you want to get to grips with the game in a more intensive way? To walk that fine line between madness and genius? A good decision, golf will help you on. In every case and at every age.

You have the relevant basic foundation, now it is about a type of driving licence, known in German as "Platzreife". In a variably designed course, golf instructors teach you how to hit balls, what the numbers on the club head mean, what you should pay attention to, and what is initially rather secondary. Above all, golf should be fun, a little practice is part of that. Nobody gets in their car and drives off straight away.

Your golf instructor will undertake the licence: You play a few holes together on the course in a group, he notes down the strokes you need and scribbles a few points on a scorecard. These are the basic conditions for getting the licence. If you practise diligently and ask the pro a few questions off the course, you are already halfway to passing. The rest is only a question of nerves. But why get worked up? It is about fun, not world peace or winning millions.

You'll easily manage the theoretical part of the project in the group. You don't have to learn a catalogue off by heart. It is about the basics of golf which may save you additional strokes in difficult situations. With the rules that have been slimmed down since 2019, golf is also theoretically easier to implement.

When it comes to outfits, they can be sporty, something that suits you, that you like to wear, something that does not restrict your movement. An airy shirt, knee-length shorts in hot weather, trainers: this is essentially the initial equipment, the basic model.

You don't need much more than this. A bottle of water if possible. Anyone who thumps off a hundred balls in a row from the tee will also feel physically how strenuous golf can be. Clubs appropriate for you will be made available by the pro. And if it rains, appropriate clothing always helps. Golf is after all an outdoor sport – you will encounter wind and weather. That's a promise!

Because after the licence is before the rookie course. This is for motivated newcomers. Golf is a boundless game with infinite possibilities to polish the details, to try things out, to learn new techniques. But you already know that: golf has already got you hooked.


Do I need to bring my own clubs with me?

The rental clubs are freely available during the month of the licence course (including outside of course hours). They can be picked up from the office. Similarly, after use, please return the rental clubs back to the office.

What are the basic conditions for passing the practical exam?

In the practical test you must score at least 12 net points on handicap -54 on six of the nine holes. You will learn all about this in the theory course.

How can I best prepare for the theoretical exam?

During the rules course we will present the basic rules and etiquette of the game of golf. In order to prepare for the exam, however, we recommend an additional, independent consolidation of the topic using the following document: "Golf rules, questions and answers", DGV Handbook (available online).

How can I book a licence course at Margarethenhof?

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