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Family & Friends Licence Offer

With the 2018 season, we have expanded our offer in the golf school with new licence courses. These now take place regularly. Friends and family members of our members can book these at the "Family & Friends" price of €199, instead of €249. Recommend a bit of joie de vivre! Also a great present!


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On all licence courses rental clubs and drive ranging balls are provided. The licence exam is included in the course fees. There are two variants of the licence course:

Licence course (from 2-8 people)

When traditionally preparing for the licence, you have one month to prepare intensively for the licence examination. During up to three sessions a week, our golf pros teach the practical and theoretical basics for a successful licence examination. On the "training-free" days the participants can use the practice facilities for free at any time. From May 2018 a course will run every month which you can register for.

Intensive licence course in 4 days (2-8 people)

In the licence course, participants will be prepared for the licence on four mornings. Here, too, the participants can use the practice facilities for free in the afternoons. This course is aimed at all those who have perhaps already hit their first shots on a driving range or swung a club many years ago. The course generally runs from Wednesday to Saturday. Appointments on request.

All licence exams at Margarethenhof are conducted in accordance with the guidelines set by the German Golf Association (Deutscher Golf Verband). They include rule and etiquette tests, practising correct behaviour on the course, and playing nine holes with at least twelve Stableford net points.


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